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Volleyball is played by opposing teams who take turns hitting a ball over a raised net. This  fun team sport can be played either indoors or outdoors. It requires great teamwork and coordination. Each player will get the chance to participate in this sport, so keep your eyes open and your arms ready!  If you don't already know the rules of the game, this is a perfect opportunity to get to know the sport.


For maximum flexibility and fun, Staff Sports has switched to a series of round-robins. This scheduling format guarantees all participants will have the opportunity to play a couple matches when it works with their schedule. Dates and times for Staff Sports Volleyball will be announced regularly, and you’ll have the opportunity to sign up when it works.


To align with other sporting events offered this spring, the school or department with the most games won at the end of the season will be the victor. See the Rules below for more details.



Feb 5th to Mar. 16th, playoffs from Apr 2nd - 20th.

Key Points

Coed, full-court

First to 30 points

Timeframe: 2 hours

Team Size: 3-6


Close-toed shoes, time keeping device, volleyball



Staff Sports Format

  1. A series of sports days will be played this Spring, between late February and late May.
    1. Details including the time, day, location and max players for each round-robin will be posted to the Staff Sports Tennis page as information becomes available.
    2. Participants are encouraged to sign up in advance as individuals to reserve a spot.
    3. An acting Staff Sports Representative will assist in organizing the round-robin based on the number participants at each event.
  2. Any District employee who has signed the waiver and release may sign up and play in one or more round-robins.
  3. Three rounds, each consisting of one Set, will be scheduled.
    1. A Set is first to 2 out of three games.
  4. Players will alternate teams each round.
  5. The right to serve or defend at the start of a match will be determined by coin toss or rock-paper-scissors with serves alternating by game between opponents. Court exchanges will occur every other game.




  1. Games are generally played to 25, with two games out of three required to win a match. Match shall not exceed 45 minutes. If a game is unfinished at 45 minutes, the leading team wins that game. If only two games are completed at that time, the score shall be recorded as is, even if it remains tied.
  2. Four players per team are allowed on court during a game. Substitutions may occur (as clarified below). Teams allow a maximum of 6 players to be registered.
  3. Requires a court (indoor or outdoor) with a net and a volleyball.
  4. Players MUST wear closed-toed shoes.




  1. In four-on-four volleyball, there are no set positions. Players don't have to remain in the front row or back row. They're allowed to roam wherever they want during play and cover as much ground as possible.




  1. As with all forms of volleyball, four-on-four volleyball begins with serving the ball over the net.
  2. The server must stand with both feet behind the back boundary line.
  3. The ball may be served overhand, underhand or sidearm, and any portion of the hand may be used to strike the ball.
  4. The opposing team is not allowed to attack or block a serve at the net. Each player on the team must take a turn serving, with service changing after every failed point.



Game Play

  1. Once the ball is served, the receiving team must return serve in no more than three hits.
  2. Play continues in such a fashion, with a three-hit limit on each side, until the ball touches the ground, either in the field of play or out of bounds.
  3. No individual player is allowed to hit the ball twice in a row. The only exception is on blocks. A block does not count as a hit.
  4. Players must play the ball with their hands or forearms, although if the ball touches a player anywhere above the waist, it's considered a legal touch.
  5. A ball that touches a boundary line is considered IN.
  6. A ball hit into the net is still in play unless players have exceeded their three-hit limit, and the same player may not hit the ball a second time. However the net may NOT be touched by any player.
  7. Subs may swap in at any time, however the person they replace may not reenter during that game.




  1. Games are generally played to 25, with two games out of three required to win a match. Match shall not exceed 40 minutes. If a game is unfinished at 40 minutes, the leading team wins that game.
  2. Games will be played in rally scoring. Rally scoring awards a point on every ball, regardless of which team is serving.
  3. Aside from landing a ball in the opponent's court, points may also be awarded for such common fouls as hitting the ball out of play, hitting the ball twice or for catching, carrying or throwing the ball.