Playoffs End:





February 5th through March 16th

League Play


League Play is the familiar format of Staff Sports: Captains start a team, players join them, and a season is scheduled. Each team will play 6-7 games followed by the playoffs.

Individual events focused on a specific sport. At various times during the spring season we will offer a certain sport in tournament format. The format for each Sportsday is likely to be round-robin play, over a 2 hour period. Specific details we be announced prior to the start of each event.

New & Improved

The Spring Season required a change in format due to external influences and different demands for most employees’ schedules. These changes include Health Rewards requirements, standardized testing, etc. Our goal was to create an environment and format which allows for the maximum amount of physical activity to be achieved as a result of this program.


Key Dates




Team Leagues

Season Play



January 10th



February 5th

April 2nd


January 31st



March 16th

April 20th

What’s Changing

Similar to last spring, Staff Sports will be facilitating Softball, Kickball, Basketball and Volleyball Leagues as well as a number of individual tournaments called Sports Days. The idea is to offer more opportunities to participate without requiring a commitment to 7 weeks of season play.


To keep a competitive element which is so important to Staff Sports, employees will earn points for themselves, their team, and their location/department each time they take part in a Staff Sports Event. Upon conclusion of the Spring Season, Champions will be crowned.


Last Spring

In the Softball League of Spring 2017, the Dawgs beat out STES Panthers, the previous softball champions. It was a tight playoff set; each game was fiercely competitive! As for the Basketball Sportsday, we congratulated the D. Panthers in their win at the day tournament held at Suncoast High School. We also thank our Sportsday Facilitators who made the Basketball Sportsday possible. Congratulations to all of our winners; you played like pros!