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Staff Sports intends to host at least two events per sport this spring. More Sportsdays would be terrific and we are actively looking for facilitators to help enable these opportunities.


What: An individual event focused on a specific sport (basketball, tennis, volleyball, etc). The format is likely to be round-robin play over a 2 hour period. Specific details will be announced prior to the start of each event.


Why: Much interest has been expressed in playing/participating in Staff Sports without having to commit to a multi-week season. The introduction of Sportsdays provides employees with the opportunity of participating as their schedules permit.


When: Staff Sports is working out the details for initial Sportsdays. Our intent is to focus on Basketball in March, Tennis in April and Volleyball in May. However, we welcome and will fully support enthusiastic employees who volunteer to act as facilitators and host a different Sportsday.


Who: All District Employees are welcome to participate in Sportsdays, regardless of experience or performance level. Employees who sign up ahead of time and express interest in that sport will receive announcements and the invitation to RSVP for the event. Information regarding each event will also be posted in the Staff Sports newsfeed and on Facebook via District Wellness.


How: An announcement will be made within two weeks of each Sportsday. All details, included the Sportsday location, facilitator, participant capacity, and name of the facilitator will be included in this notification. Employees who signed up and expressed interest in the sport will have the opportunity to RSVP individually or as a team for the event. Spots in each round-robin/match are available on a first come, first serve basis.


Facilitators Needed

Facilitator Fundamentals

Individual Staff Sport Tournaments/Round Robins will be run by facilitators who volunteer to help run the events. These will be district employees who are excited to help schedule the time, date, and location of the event in addition to recording and submitting tournament scores. If you would be willing to host a Sportsday, please connect with us and the Staffsports team will help support the event.


Facilitators will be additionally rewarded for their assistance in making Sportsdays occur.

  1. Sign Up, complete the Waiver and express interest in the sports which appeal to you.
  2. Fill out the Sportsday Facilitator Form indicating the details of your event.
  3. A member of the Staff Sports Team will connect with you to make sure everything is in place.
  4. An RSVP form specifically for your event created and sent to you for approval.
  5. Your event will be promoted by Staff Sports and the Wellness Team until capacity is reached.
  6. You will receive round-robin directions and a scoring sheet.
  7. Have fun leading and participating in the Sportsday that you made happen!
  8. Scan the final score results and send them to Staff Sports.