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Slow-pitch softball is a favorite American pastime, and we are confident it will be one of Staff Sports’ too. Get ready to swing for the fences!


The league's format has been designed to insure high-quality play in a fun, competitive atmosphere. See Staff Sports Format for details.



Start a Team: Now to February 9th

Sign Up To Play: January 17th to February 9th



Feb 5th to Mar. 16th, playoffs from Apr 2nd - 20th.

Key Points

Timeframe: 45 Minutes

Team Size: 8-16


Requested: Athletic wear

Required: Close-toed shoes, field, bats, regulation softballs, gloves, and batting helmets


Weekly Game Dates TBD by Captains


Staff Sports Format

  1. Team Composition/Rosters
    1. Teams can consist of as many as 16 participants.
    2. Eight participants are required to constitute a team.
    3. Each team is strongly encouraged to have players of both genders.
    4. A member of the team at bat will serve as pitcher.
  2. Game Duration
    1. Each game will be 7 innings or 45 minutes in length, whichever comes first.
    2. New innings shall not be started after the 40 minute mark is reached, and games that reach 45 minutes in length will quickly complete the current inning. If after 45 minutes the game is still tied, the game will be recorded as a tie.
  3. Defensive Positions
    1. 5 players are allowed in the infield, including one catcher.
    2. Up to 4 players may be in the outfield.
    3. Position changes or substitutions are only allowed during, in the middle, or at the end of the innings.
  4. Batting Lineups
    1. All team players must bat in the same order each time through the line-up.



Pitching and Hitting

  1. Each team gets to hit in each inning.
  2. Once 3 outs have been recorded against a team, their "at bat" is over.
  3. Once both teams have hit, the inning is over.
  4. No bunting is allowed.
  5. The captains of the two teams will call safe or out. Disagreements that cannot be settled will be solved through rock/paper/scissors. There will be no ball or strike count, but the batter gets 3 pitches. They will be out if they hit foul on the third pitch.
  6. The pitcher pitches to his own team. Each batter gets three pitches to hit one. If a third pitch is needed and the batter fouls it or misses it, the batter is out. The pitcher tossing the ball to their teammates does not field the hit ball. If the pitcher touches the ball at all, EVEN BY ACCIDENT, the batter is out. IF A PITCHER SWITCHES BALLS, HIS TEAM FORFEITS THE GAME.
  7. The pitcher shall take a position with a foot firmly on the ground and in contact with, but not off the side of, the pitcher's plate.
  8. The ball must be delivered at a moderate speed using an underhand toss.



Game Play

  1. If the ball never hits the ground once hit and is caught by a fielder, the batter is out regardless of whether the ball is in fair or foul territory.
  2. Forced outs can be made by the defense if a fielder has control of the ball and touches a base that a runner must run to (and cannot run back to the prior base since another runner is behind them) before the runner reaches the base.
  3. Any runner not on a base can be tagged by a fielder. If the runner is tagged while not on a base, the runner is out.




  1. Each time a runner tags home base after going around and tagging each base, a score will be recorded.
  2. The team with the higher score at the end of the game wins.
  3. Tied scores will be reported as tied by both captains.