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Guidelines & Policies

Staff Sports is a program facilitated by the Wellness Department for the benefit of District Employees. The mission is to create more opportunities which encourage employees to have fun moving more with their coworkers.




1. Staff Sports is Voluntary

Staff Sports is open to all District employees with a valid Employee Identification Number.  Employees who are simultaneously enrolled as a student within District or are suspended are not permitted to take part in Staff Sports.


2. Sign the Waiver

Prior to participating, you must complete the District’s Waiver and Release form. Failure to sign the waiver will result in automatic disqualification for you and your team.


3. You Are Responsible for Your Actions

Good sportsmanship is not just encouraged, it is required. Treat your teammates, opponents and fans kindly – like you would like to be treated.


4. Competition Must Be Friendly

By nature, “friendly competition” is not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings. It is there to create motivation and to help people reach goals. Just because a game is played after work, continue to conduct yourself as an adult and be respectful of others.


5. Self Governed & Co-Officiated

Hundreds of games and matches have been played as part of Staff Sports and it isn’t possible for members of District Wellness or Brightlife to be at all of them. Therefore, it is up to you and your opponents to play by the rules and peacefully reconcile any disputes.


6. Accept the Results

If a game is played, the results are final. Although very few issues have come up, the Wellness Team and Brightlife have received several requests to penalize or change results retroactively for various reasons. This is a tough predicament as we are not present at all games. Therefore, Brightlife, who acts as the Organizing Authority, has created the “Unfortunate Dispute Resolution Process.”





League Game Scheduling

Team Captains are responsible for deciding the date, time, and location of each game with one another. Home teams are responsible for coming up with location options and are responsible for providing equipment for the game.


District Participant Policy

Staff Sports participants are restricted to District employees with valid Employee Identification Numbers who are over the age of 18 and have completed the Waiver and Release form. Spouses and other family members are prohibited from participating. Employees who are simultaneously enrolled as a student within District or are suspended are not permitted to take part in Staff Sports.


Unfortunate Dispute Resolution Process

The official rules for each sport/event are posted at IF an issue should arise in which captains and/or facilitators of a game, match, or tournament can not come to a mutual agreement OR reach a consensus regarding the interpretation of those rules, either team captain may choose to suspend gameplay immediately and complete the Unfortunate Dispute Resolution Form. The Organizing Authority will speak with representatives from both teams and make a final ruling which has 3 possible outcomes: (A) Win, (B) Lose, (C) Draw.