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Q: Which sports are available for Spring 2018?

A: This fall will feature four leagues: Kickball, Volleyball, Basketball and Softball. However, we may drop a sport depending on the number of teams signed up to ensure each league offered has enough participation.


Q: How long does each league run?

A: The Spring 2018 Leagues will be six weeks, running from February 5th to March 16th. During the season, your team will aim to complete five games. Those who perform well during the season will be invited to compete in a two week playoff season as well.


Q: I might want to be a Captain. What would I have to do?

A: A Captain’s first job is to sign up. Captains will then receive an email which they can forward to prospective teammates. Their players sign up using that forwarded email or filling out a form using the captain's email address and the Team Name as unique identifiers. Captains are responsible for scheduling weekly games with their set opponent (including date, time, location, and equipment), and once those games have been completed all Captains must report the scores and results of the game.


Q: I still want to play, but I don’t want to be a Captain nor can I find a team to join. What now?

A: You can sign up as a Free Agent using our Free Agent signup form.


Q: So what is a Free Agent?

A: Free Agents are people who want to play but don’t have a team yet. Captains can contact members on the Free Agent to ask if they’d like to join their team. Free Agents would then be able to fill out the Player signup form again and select the team they’d like to play on. By filling out the form a second time, our records will adjust to show the player on the correct roster rather than as a Free Agent.


Q: How many people can be on a team?

A: The number of players preferred per team depends on the sport. Check out the kickball, basketball, softball and volleyball pages for the team size recommendations.


Q: Do I need any equipment to play?

A: Most equipment should be provided by the home team. Personal equipment, such as proper athletic shoes and safety pads, you must provide for yourself.


Q: Can my spouse/partner join my team?

A: The Staff Sports Program is reserved for employees and District personnel members only. Your spouse/partner is welcome to come watch the games, but we want you to do the running!


Q: When and where are the games going to be played?

A: Locations and times are to be decided by the Captains of each team. Each week, the home team is responsible for reserving a field/court to play on. If school facilities are not available, then public parks or facilities are completely acceptable venues as well. The Captains for each team should communicate first with their own players and then with each other to find a date and time that works well for everybody.


Q: Why wasn’t I placed on a team? A Captain has contacted me… what can I do?

A: If you do not select a team during Player sign up, you will not be automatically placed on a team. Leaving the team selection blank results in your listing as a Free Agent. Captains have access to the list of Free Agents and may contact them to invite them to sign up again and join their team. By signing up again and selecting a team, you remove yourself from the Free Agent pool and join that team.


Q: As a Captain, how can I add/remove players on my team?

A: To add players, search the Free Agent list or speak to staff members about signing up under your team. Captains are responsible for managing their own rosters and for encouraging staff members to join their team.


Q: I signed up, but now I am unable to participate anymore. Who do I talk to?

A: We understand that things change; make sure that you contact your team Captain to let them know of your situation so that they can adjust their roster as soon as possible. The Staff Sports team isn't responsible for adjusting team rosters.