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Scheduling & Gameplay

We're headed to the scheduling and gameplay portion of Spring Staff Sports; Team Captains should be discussing availability with their teammates and contacting their opponents' Captains to choose game dates, times, and locations.


We recommend that Team Captains get as many of their games pre-scheduled as possible.


If you're running into any issues scheduling and completing your games, please don't hesitate to send us an email with your questions. We're always happy to help.


Last reminder: don't forget to submit your scores once you've completed a game! Scores can be submitted by clicking here.

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Captain Awesome

Each team needs a leader, and we think you would make a great one! Being a captain means wearing several hats; you act as a recruiter when assembling your team, assistant when arranging weekly games, motivator who gets the squad psyched, and co-referee during games along with the other team’s coach. You also get the distinct privilege of naming your team.


If you are willing to manage a team in the vicinity of where you work and/or live, start a team today.


Your team’s name will then be added to the list for participants to sign up. If more players are needed to fill your roster, you will be given access to a list of free agents as soon as it is available.


Hard Copy Docs


Setting Up Your Team:

Step 1: Create your team. Sign up, enter your contact information, pick a sport, and name your team.


Step 2: Invite coworkers who will play on your team. They’ll have to sign up from January 10th to 31st.

New: They will be automatically added to your roster by selecting your team in the form.


Step 3: Fill out your team’s preferences as soon as possible. New: A new step has been added allowing captains to publish their “home field/court” and select days and times your team would prefer to play.


– Captains will be able to review who has signed up beginning Feb 1st.


Managing Your Team:

Schedule Games: Check the schedule (published after Feb 1st) below to see your team’s weekly opponents. Pay attention to Home and Away status as Home teams are responsible for reserving fields/courts and bringing the appropriate equipment (balls, bases, nets, gloves, rackets, etc). Schedule your games by contacting your opponent’s captain.


Play Games: It is important members arrive on time, dress appropriately, warm up and are good sports. Captains co-officiate all games; there are no referees, but there are rules. Staff Sports is supposed to be a fun, constructive environment for all involved.


Reporting Scores: Once a game has been played, both captains must report both the score of the game and the overall result (win/loss/tie/forfeit). Scores should be reported as soon as possible after the game's conclusion.